Reading and PE Videos from Parent Night

Dear parents,

Thanks so much for coming to see our classroom last night! Here are some of the videos. We’ll put up a few new ones each day.

5A3 Dragon’s Lair Class

Note: The videos are on YouTube as “unlisted”. That means that you will not find them unless you visit this site or have the secret links!

9 thoughts on “Reading and PE Videos from Parent Night”

  1. Really enjoyed the parent night 5A3. Great job putting together the videos for the presentations! The music, graphics, and explanations of subjects and classes were fantastic! Absolutely loved hearing how all of you thought we were as 5th grade parents! Too funny!!! Great job and keep up the good work with the Dragon’s Lair. It must be so cool to get to use all of this technology in Ms. Abercrombie’s class!!!! Look forward to reading or watching the future posts.

  2. I wanna know why do we have gym?
    Is it because we need to stay HEALTHY!?
    Or is it to stay fit?
    Who knows but I do know that we need to do gym to stay healthy and fit.

  3. I think that the P.E video was good because I thought they did very well in showing what happens when the api is high and when we are doing swimming. I also thought that they told that very well.

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